What is new in 2020

Weber is turning heads.

Restoring my Rusty Grill

After just a couple of cooks the paint on my Char-Griller fire box started chipping off. I never addressed it and as the years went by, the rust gathered. I can’t take it anymore so I’m FINALLY taking this project on. Take a look at my 2-part series and see how I did it. Materials…

Grilled Broccoli

This entire blog is about something I love to do, grilling.  A huge part of that is taking some of my favorite things and bringing them to the grill.  Especially if they are not known to be made on the grill.  Broccoli is my absolute favorite vegetable.  As a kid, I was sure I had…

National Chicken Wing Day

Happy National Chicken Wing day y’all! You know I had to get in on the action! Wings are my favorite thing to grill. These were dry rubbed and smoked over oak and apple for a lil over an hour and a half then finished in the fryer for a minute for that crispy outside. Delicious!