What is new in 2020

Weber is turning heads.

National Chicken Wing Day

Happy National Chicken Wing day y’all! You know I had to get in on the action! Wings are my favorite thing to grill. These were dry rubbed and smoked over oak and apple for a lil over an hour and a half then finished in the fryer for a minute for that crispy outside. Delicious!

My First YouTube Video

I recently got some upgrades for my smoker and decided to take my excitement to youtube. I got a baffle plate to help with the heat distribution and a charcoal box because the one that came with the smoker was not good at all. Both were purchased from bbqsmokermods.com. Check it out and while youre…

How Long Should you keep your leftovers?? + Memorial Day Recap

Personally, I am not a fan of leftovers but there are some exceptions.  BBQ is one of them.  Typically, I wouldn’t save my leftovers beyond one day not necessarily for food safety reasons but in my opinion, you start to lose some quality in taste.  The USDA says that leftovers can be kept in the…